Approximate Cost

This is an approximation of how much the trip will cost.  Depending on the amount of equipment you'll need to rent, the quality and quantity of food you want to eat, and how far you'll be traveling to get to Yosemite and back home, your actual cost can vary quite a bit.  Keeping that in mind the basic cost break down falls into four categories: Transportation, Equipment, Food, and Miscellaneous.


Gas: $22.00  per person
Transportaion Total: $22.00


Backpack (Rental): $31.00
Tent (Rental): $28.00
Sleeping Bag (Rental): $34.00
Sleeping Pad: $25.00
Group Equipment Fund: $5.00  per person
Equipment Total: $123.00


Breakfast in Curry Village: $12.00
Snacks, Lunch, Dinner - Day 1: $20.00
Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Day 2: $15.00
Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Day 3: $20.00
Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Day 4: $20.00
Wine: $10.00  x 3 days
Food Total: $117.00


Park Entrance Fee: $5.00  per person
Shower in Curry Village: $2.00  x 2
Wilderness Permit Fee: $5.00  per person
Bus Ticket: $14.00  per person
Miscellaneous Total: $28.00

Total Approximate Cost:

Transportation: $22.00
Equipment: $123.00
Food: $117.00
Miscellaneous: $28.00
Total Approximate Cost: $290.00