Equipment Checklist

When planning what equipment you're going to bring on a backpacking trip the most important thing to keep in mind is how much your equipment weights.  Obviously lighter is better.  Use strong digression when deciding what you're going to bring and try to keep your luxuries down to a minimum.  An extra pair of pants is nice to have but definitely not necessary.  The two areas I usually splurge are sleeping comfort and food.  Remember that some resources like soap and toothpaste can be shared.

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad
Hiking Boots or Shoes (waterproof)
Knife, Fork, and Spoon
Water Bottle
Plastic Cup (light and durable)
Flashlight (small and bright with fresh batteries!)
Light Jacket, Sweater, or Pullover: 1
Long Sleeve Shirt: 1 (for extra warmth)
T-Shirts: 2 or 3
Jeans: 1
Shorts: 1
Underwear: 1 per day
Hiking Socks: 1 pair per day
Rain Poncho (for bad weather and the Mist Trail)
Change of Clothes (left in car for drive home)
Book Backpack (for the Half Dome day hike)
Hat (to keep sun off face / hair back)
Extra Bottoms (jeans or fleece)
Ground Tarp (plastic sheet to sit on)
Camera and Film (disposable cameras are light)
Large Zip-Loc Bags (for wet items, dirty clothes)
Whistle (for bears)
Ear Plugs (for loud tent buddies)
Beer (sneak it into your buddies backpack ;-)
Moleskin (to protect your feet from blisters)
Tylenol (or other pain killer)
Antacid Tablets
Personal Medications
Lip Balm
Insect Repellent
Toothbrush and Paste
Dental Floss
Soap (in a zip-loc bag)
Shampoo (free samples or very small bottle)
Conditioner (free samples or very small bottle)
Comb or Brush
Wash Cloth (in a zip-loc bag)
Small Bath Towel
Toilette Paper
Water Filter: 1 - I have this
Rope 50' : 2 (for hanging food) - I have these
Backpacking Stove: 1 - I have this
Stove Fuel: 2 bottles - I have these
Pots and Pans: 2 or 3 - I have one
Backpacking Grill: 2 or 3 - I have one
Oven Mit: 1 - I have this
Sponge: 1 - I have this
Cigarette Lighters: 3 (must stay dry) - I have two
Paper Towels: 2 rolls (for cleaning, starting fires, etc)
Heavy Nylon Cord: 1 roll - I have this
Sturdy Paper Plates: 1 per person per day
Plastic Garbage Bags: 2 - I have these