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  I chose the weekend of June 27th for a number of reasons but the primary one is that it's a new moon weekend.  At high altitudes far away from the city the night sky is very clear and is perfect for star gazing. When there is no moon you can see so many stars that the arms of the milky way are visible.  We will also be able to see satellites as they traverse the sky.
  It's also a good weekend because it's still early enough in the season for the streams to provide a stable source of water for drinking, cooking and bathing.  We'll be passing two huge waterfalls as well which should still be full.  Both are pictured on the Yosemite Valley page. 
  The end of June is also late enough in the season to offer warmer climates at the high altitudes we'll be passing through.  The temperature at 9,000 feet can be a bit brisk, but by the end of June it's starting to warm up a bit.